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16 tricks to decorate a small apartment

Designing a residence in a limited space is a major architectural challenge and opportunity. Today we see it with this renovation project that transformed a 145 m² apartment into a compact, modern and intelligent home. The spaces complement and blend harmoniously and with taste. Commanded by the professionals of Blue World City, this project will inspire you so that you can apply some ideas and choose the right furniture and accessories for your small apartment.

1. Bet on modern furniture in your small apartment

We begin the tour of this fabulous apartment knowing some details of its  room . A fundamental aspect that cannot be neglected, if what you want is to take advantage of space, is to include modern furniture. Why? Besides being aesthetically attractive they are very functional. 

2. Integrate indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is a great alternative to illuminate small spaces. Allow elements and details to stand out. In this project, the light that peeks under the ceiling illuminates the brick wall and gives it a very special touch. 

3. Decorate with objects that bring a memory

Memories should always be in a corner of your home. Without a doubt, they can be a good complement to your decoration. They add an original and personal fee. 

4. Use a low-key dining table

In any small or large space, discretion cannot be absent and the dining room is no exception. If the place is small, more attention should be paid. 

The dining table, for example, should not take up a lot of space. In this way, other objects can be part of the composition without the place looking too crowded. 

5. Design custom furniture

Custom furniture is a great option. They allow spaces to be more functional and flexible. The design possibilities are endless. Do you dare to include them in your home?

6.Use sliding doors

To make the spaces look more fluid and improve the views, it includes sliding doors. A great solution that, aesthetically, can make a great decorative contribution.

7. Divide the spaces with functionality

To divide spaces, do not forget to use functional furniture. In the kitchen, for example, a bar can be a very good option. What do you think of the solution we see in the property news?

8. Combine materials

Anything goes in decoration. Combining materials can give your space very elegant and even informal details. It all depends on creativity. Glass, wood, stone … the options are numerous!

9. Decoration of small apartments

Accessories and appliances can be a good option to decorate. Colors, shapes … Now you can choose your favorite!

10. Dare to change

Changing and taking risks is part of the design and decoration. Use attractive materials and create your style.

11. A designer furniture cannot be missing

A design piece is essential to enhance a place. In this room, the dressing table, in addition to offering functionality, provides a touch of style thanks to its simplicity and elegance. 

12. The mirror never fails

Mirrors are a good resource to make a space look a little wider and deeper. In this room that idea is fulfilled perfectly. 

13. Include strokes of color in small departments

In small spaces, color brushes can not be absent. Whether on a wall or an accessory they add fresh air to the place. 

In this library, colors are seen in books, accessories and furniture.

14. Take advantage of the space

In every space, each m2 should be used in a functional way. The bathroom is no exception to that rule.

In this project the result is visible: the sink cabinet solves the space in a very practical way.

15. Use an original coating

Coatings can work miracles. Look of  bathroom: the small tiles on the wall create a very attractive visual effect. Excellent!

16. Be creative

Finally a great tip: get creative. With a few things you can achieve incredible results. Remember: it all depends on your creativity.

Bonus: Ideas for small apartments

This studio apartment is very small, but not only has every inch been taken advantage of, but also the use of a serene palette in light and bright tones, which plays with warm and cold colors, has had a lot to do with the success of this design. inside.

Bonus: Ideas for small apartments II

The living room area is nourished by different textures and furniture of an appropriate size and with a refined style and without superfluous elements. The modern and minimalist aesthetic is very appropriate for small apartments.

Bonus: Ideas for small apartments III

The dining room and kitchen are also kept within the appropriate dimensions and the furniture maximizes the storage capacity. A small department that is a master class in design.