Mystic messenger gaming most loving character Kim Jihyun

Kim Jihyun otherwise called V is the most private and secretive person in the Mystic Messenger emails family. He may appear to be somewhat convoluted on occasion however he has this attractive and cool character that young ladies will doubtlessly succumb to. Baffling folks are regularly viewed as hottest in a gathering. It’s the interest of knowing things you don’t realize that causes one to feel attractive toward such young men.

His genuine name is Jihyun Kim. He has puzzling nature on account of his uncommon appearance in Casual Story mode where you can sentiment Hyun Ryu otherwise called ZEN. He is too available in Deep Story mode with 707 or Seven. He is the head of RFA however regularly missing because of his expert responsibilities just as his visual impairment. Rika is V’s life partner however their connection wound up in trouble. Rika pursued a dull vision of changing the world that was contradicted by V. The resistance by V infuriated Rika and she attempted to hurt V in any way conceivable that nearly blinded him.

V had the information on Rika being essential for a strict faction organization called Mint Eye. Rika was so irate with V that she took steps to murder every RFA part if V acts against Rika. This likewise shows why V consistently stayed away from other RFA individuals.

In the event that you are attached to V and you wish him to recognize your love, organize a gathering and attempt to intrigue him. You may have an extraordinary consummation with V Mystic Messenger.

V Mystic Messenger Nature

V regards everyone’s privacy. He is Rika’s life partner yet he didn’t have a clue about Rika’s password however the loft was in his name. He will in general hush up about everything and would live with the weight of mysteries yet incline toward not to reveal it to other people. He is acclaimed inside his work industry however he isn’t notable among the public since he doesn’t care for individuals to discuss him.

Jumin calls him cowardly in light of the fact that he is the one in particular who talks against facilitating the get-together. It is protected to state that V is very sensitive with regards to individuals’ assessments thus he is against facilitating gatherings.


Albeit V is a removed person yet he is incredibly faithful and he values one’s life. At the point when Rika began having the thoughts of his Cult Organization for example Mint Eye, V without even batting an eye offered his life instead of others’.

On the off chance that we talk about V’s looks, he has these lovely blue eyes and hair. An advanced hair style makes him resemble a boss. He dresses present day, he looks current. His typical outfit incorporates high cut boots, slacks, warmer weather sweater, and a silver coat. This is the thing that you call a Handsome Guy.

Dos of  V Mystic Messenger

1. Regard his privacy and any issues among Rika and him

2. Keep things the manner in which they are

3. Trust him just as urge him to be better

4. Help him not to act naturally detesting

Don’ts of V Mystic Messenger

1. Try not to deprecate things that he values the most like the RFA and the messenger

2. Try not to show animosity and don’t be unfriendly in your behavior

3. Try not to push things too hard whether its feelings or beliefs

4. Try not to play with others, be faithful to him


He regards one’s privacy and needs his privacy to be regarded. He is the sort of fellow who remains quiet about everything. You can call him secretive and strange somewhat. He has experienced a ton that made him more astute and saner. He has an unadulterated heart. What’s your opinion on V? We couldn’t imagine anything better than to know your views in the remark area under?  Additionally Read Mystic Messenger Email Guide. On the off chance that you’re an entrepreneur, at that point you need one among best PCs for private ventures.