what can you do with a 3d printer

3D printing looked like something we should have seen “back to the future” just a few years before.

 However, in only a few short years so much has happened in the industry. Today with your 3D printer you can create a flourishing business. Many people are really doing it. And no wonder: By 2019 (within less than 3 years), 3D printing could become a $20 billion market.

 The 3D printing will change the way we do business, says McKinsey research. Think of it … predictable wings, pieces of the space shuttle, and food straight from your printer? Yes , please, please, please! Even if this article touches the surface of the boundless possibilities this invention will offer, we hope to fill your head with future very lucrative 3D printer ideas.

 Would you want to take this opportunity, which transforms business as we know it quickly? We have described the 23 best 3D printers to use in your own business.

 On request printing

 You have a 3D printer already? This is the fastest way to get 3D printing money. The business model is simple: you can print a 3D file from another user. The only problem with this 3D market plan is that it is now very competitive and your service can be readily recognised as a product. Fortunately, you can find here market concepts for 3D printing. Best 3d printer for beginners

 1. Build up in a niche market

 You must find a tribe of faithful buyers who see you as their trustworthy supplier, instead of seeking to satisfy everybody. To search the right niche, google your business, look at blogs such as Quora and Reddit and read blog postings.

 Begin into the market (such as 3D Hubs) and extend further if you know what consumers you want to cater to.

 Will you have to inspire? See MyEasy3D, an e-commerce printer with B2B and B2C 3D print services.

 2. Provide the B2B business service

 You will also directly serve B2B clients with your services. In general, these consumers have bigger wallets, need more consistent 3D printing facilities and prefer to position larger orders.

 Start with 3D Hubs or Shapeways and change to your home brand or website as you expand. Stratasys, which is involved in the manufacturing, development and prototyping sectors, is a successful company that uses this market model.

 Again, I see way too many 3D home printer companies seeking to draw anyone who does something literally to make 3D printing money. You’re going to have to create a niche. You must be accurate in order to truly enter the market in a sea of ‘me’ firms and franchises.

 Develop a Centre for 3D Printing and Design

 Would you want to take this step further and set up a shop for the whole project? Your clients come in to ask about what they want to print for this business proposal. You then design and print the product.

 Since the whole process can be very costly, whether you seek B2B clients or those looking for a new prototype to begin, you probably scale quicker.

 1. Creating business designs

 Companies need prototypes that can be very costly. 3D printer designs are such a perfect choice, simpler to manufacture, and cheaper. This is why. Check Printotype and 3D Print UK, for example,. Each of them began to build small prototypes. Now they set guidelines for how to work and launch a 3d printing company for their hobbies.

 2. E-commerce design and printing goods

 E-commerce businesses have to locate reliable plants abroad as the domestic manufacturing of goods is too costly. Since the plant is not where the business is headquartered, a variety of issues could occur, including long manufacturing periods, differing factory requirements and long and onerous shipping times.

 E-commerce businesses also have to stock up more than they intend to prevent inventory loss. You will provide a scalable and economical solution to these problems with your services. You are taping into a big challenge in the market by developing and printing goods for e-commerce shops.

 It is crucial that you don’t see this as just a means of gaining from 3d printing (and with any other corporate ideas mentioned here). You want to make sure you are very passionate about content, goods and the standard of service you want to provide while beginning an organisation like this. If not, it’s going to show.

 Think what kind of things are most relevant for the kinds of businesses that use your services to solve and to change your business strategies. To produce small batch products for an electronic commerce corporation would entail a service somewhat different from the development of the first one-off designs for new businesses.

 3. Creating promotional merchandise

 Speciality products can be genuinely beneficial for the marketing campaign of a company, you know. The only drawback is that if the company needs anything more but t-shirts, it is pricey and impossible to locate innovative advertising merchandise. 3D printer has no same limitations, which is why this issue could be solved by your 3D printing operation. You may want to sell your services to ad agencies as well as to reach the end customer (companies). Few explanations are here on how to use this theory.

 4. Maintenance and repairs

 The need for reliable repair and maintenance services will rise as the 3D press industry expands. Create and restore and manage your own repair and maintenance facility, 3D printers and prints. If you want inspiration, please search GoPrint3D and Fargo3DPrinting.

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