World of Warcraft Hunter Leveling Guide

A decent guide is to put your initial 5 focuses on Lethal Shots under the Marksmanship Tree.

Follow this by either burning through 3

Focuses on Hawk Eye under the Survival Tree for additional reach when assaulting, or 5 focuses on Improved Aspect of the Hawk under the Beast Mastery Tree to bargain more harm.

  1. Trackers can wear Leather covering until level 40, after which they can wear Mail.
  2. When evening out, make certain to attempt your most extreme best to wear gear that gives you Stamina and Agility, for these are the solitary two details that are truly significant for this class.
  3. Green “of the Monkey” gear is enthusiastically suggested. It is regularly said a Hunter’s just evident companions are their pets and their weapons, and this remains constant, as a Hunter’s weapon is predominantly answerable for the measure of harm one arrangements.
  4. Steady weapon overhauls and the ownership of value firearms, bows or crossbows will help you level quicker!

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